The Different Types of Gooseberries

Types of gooseberries

There are two types of gooseberries, European gooseberries (Ribes uva-crispa) and American Gooseberries (Ribes hirtellum). European gooseberries have the advantage of being larger in size and are popular for being more flavorful. American gooseberries of the other side, are more heat tolerant and less susceptible of getting Powdery Mildew, a devastating but common fungal disease found in gooseberries and currants.

3 Types of Dragon Fruit and Their Varieties

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There are 3 types of dragon fruits which are white, red and yellow. White dragon fruits are the most widely grown type. Red dragon fruits have a higher content of sugar and are popular for making juices while yellow ones are said to be the sweetest ones and the newest type in the market.

How to Grow Dragon Fruit from Seed

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Fruits come in different shapes and forms, but few of them are as unique and exotic as Dragon fruits. This cacti, also known as “pitaya” has been very popular through Asia, Central and South America for it’s sweet flavor, peculiar flesh and those crunchy black seeds inside the pulp.